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Leveraging technology to build a better tower

Innovation for the sake of innovation misses the point. At TowerTEX, we constantly strive to ensure that our innovation is driven by market needs.

TowerTEX uses advanced composite materials and proven state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to create innovative products that are well-designed and possess exceptional properties: superior mechanical endurance, weather and corrosion resistance and, especially, low weight.

TowerTEX has also developed a proprietary computer model to custom-design its structural assemblies for different types of loading conditions and environments. This capability allows us to produce towers and accessories that meet customer needs – every time. For those comfortable with traditional computer tools, our structural applications can still be tested, analyzed, and validated using these methods.

Value-driven development

Among the innovative features developed by TowerTEX is a novel structural assembly that combines the flexibility of a bolted assembly with the strength and rigidity of a welded assembly. This structural assembly has numerous applications such as transmission towers, wind turbines, and anemometric towers.

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